Administrative Law

The area known as administrative law is very technical and not widely known by most people. However, if you encounter an issue that requires knowledge of administrative law, especially when a hearing is involved, consulting with a knowledgeable lawyer is vital.

Whether you need help with federal or Denver administrative law matters, the law firm of Bryan E. Kuhn, Counselor at Law, P.C., has the skill and knowledge you need. From employment matters to other areas that trigger administrative law needs, we can help you navigate these often complicated rules, laws and regulations properly.

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We handle all aspects of administrative law matters, including:

Administrative law hearings are quite different from other hearings or trials. It is important to employ an attorney who understands these differences and is comfortable in this arena. Our firm is well-versed in the procedures and rules that apply to these matters. We also have experience handling administrative law matters triggered by EEOC, DORA, CCRD, OSHA, DOL and EEO.

Our goal is to protect your interests and help you resolve the matter with minimal impact. We will explain every step and help you make informed decisions regarding every issue at hand. From filing documents in a timely manner to preparing thoroughly for any impending hearing, we are ready to assist you with every administrative law need that you have.

Get Clear Guidance in Administrative Law Matters

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