Arbitration and Mediation

In today's legal arena there are a host of different ways to settle a dispute. Rather than just using traditional negotiation or costly litigation, there are now more cost-efficient and equally effective alternatives that may fit your situation.

Bryan E. Kuhn, Counselor at Law, is more than an attorney. He is an experienced problem-solver and can help you use arbitration and mediation, when appropriate. He knows how to deftly navigate disputes with an eye toward your short- and long-term interests.

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As a successful businessman with 10 years of legal experience, Colorado mediation lawyer Bryan E. Kuhn, Counselor at Law, provides sophisticated solutions backed by a keen understanding of his clients' business goals. Learn more by scheduling a consultation today.

In some cases, arbitration is an appropriate forum. In arbitration, both parties meet with a third-party arbitrator who listens to both sides and then renders a decision. In some cases the decision is binding, which means the parties have no recourse, but in other cases the decision is nonbinding so if one party is not satisfied, it can still take the case to court. Arbitration clauses are increasingly being put in both business and employment contracts as a way of keeping matters out of court.

Mediation is when parties meet in a confidential forum before a neutral third party who listens to all the issues and proposes ideas to help settle disputes. Mediation often allows for more creative solutions and can help preserve relationships amongst the parties. If mediation does not work, the parties can always go back to negotiating or pursue litigation.

Our lawyers have experience handling conflicts in both arenas. We will explain both options and help you figure out if either is applicable to your situation. We will prepare thoroughly and aggressively represent you.

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