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Experienced business law attorney Bryan E. Kuhn can help you avoid multiple taxations, meet regulatory compliance, reduce costly lawsuits by employees and contractors, while avoiding unnecessary investigations or proceedings by various state agencies.

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The firm has successfully handled the following business law matters for many local and international businesses:

Formation and registration - Our firm has successfully formed and registered various local and international corporations in the state of Colorado as well as in Europe, Africa and South America. We know the necessary compliance requirements in many countries and have also worked effectively with attorneys overseas and in Colorado to ensure proper registration of our clients' multinational businesses.

Legal concerns with growing a business - In addition to our deep experience with specific business law matters, we provide business clients with tailored advice concerning the growth of their business. This includes addressing an array of legal concerns that arise when a business is expanding, such as issues involving new employees and securing necessary capital to finance growth.

Employee matters - Our business law and employment law experience helps employers avoid costly employee lawsuits. We work closely with employers on their business structures, employee manuals, personnel policies, termination procedures, employment contracts, shareholders agreements, liens and operating agreements. We also assist employees in dealing with wrongful termination and discrimination matters.

Other legal services - As part of our business law and employment law practice, we represent employers and employees in employment law litigation, secure venture capital for high-risk businesses that do not qualify for conventional financing, and handle trademarks, intellectual property, franchises, contracts, leases, arbitration, litigation, the purchase and sale of businesses, and liens.

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With efficient, personalized attention and diligent, detailed analyses of each case, professional and experienced business law attorney Bryan E. Kuhn is determined to give clients the legal services they need. Contact Bryan E. Kuhn, Counselor at Law, P.C.