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Disputes do not normally reach the level of possible litigation unless there is enough at stake for it to be worth the cost and risk of taking the matter to court. If a dispute reaches the level of possible litigation, a lot is at stake. If not handled properly, litigation can quickly undermine a business's bottom line. It is essential to work with our Denver contract litigation attorneys who have the experience and knowledge to provide efficient, powerful solutions.

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Bryan E. Kuhn, Counselor at Law, has extensive litigation experience, supported by a strong background in business. He is a successful businessman with a Master of Business Administration (MBA). Bryan is well-positioned to provide business clients with sound legal counsel and strategic, aggressive litigation solutions.

Providing A Range Of Litigation Services

Bryan E. Kuhn, Counselor at Law, P.C., represents clients in contract dispute matters that include:

  • Partner disputes, suing partners
  • Commercial leases and real estate disputes: buy-sell issues
  • Equipment leases: Nonfunctional equipment, breach of contract litigation
  • Purchase contracts
  • Employment contracts

Settlement And Negotiation

One of the most significant considerations for a business facing the prospect of litigation is the cost and time involved. Litigation that becomes protracted can be disastrous, even if the case is ultimately won, simply because of the costs of maintaining a lawsuit over an extended period of time.

Bryan E. Kuhn, Counselor at Law, P.C., maintains a strong commitment to solving clients' disputes as efficiently as possible. Our lawyers excel at the negotiation table. We take a personalized approach focused on obtaining a thorough understanding of each client's individualized goals and objectives. This approach, combined with attorney Kuhn's business and legal knowledge, gives the firm a decided edge at the negotiating table.

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