Employer Risk Management and Counseling

An essential part of running a business is making sure you have policies and procedures in place that deal with employment. Seeking out experienced legal advice in this area is crucial. Without it, you may open yourself up to liability and find yourself embroiled in a dispute that can be costly on many different levels.

Based in Denver, at the law firm of Bryan E. Kuhn, Counselor at Law, we offer detailed and proactive employer risk management and counseling services for all types of companies. Our lawyers understand the importance of being thorough and helping you set up employment practices that will prevent problems.

Comprehensive Employer Policy Advice And Help

Or firm can help you with:

  • Employment contracts for all types of employees from contractors to executives
  • Personnel policies regarding all types of situations and human resource issues
  • Employee manuals that cover state and federal regulations
  • Proper termination processes and severance options, if applicable
  • Non-discriminatory promotion policies
  • Any other relevant issues

Our goal is to help you comply with all relevant laws as well as help prevent any type of employment dispute from arising. We look at your short- and long-term goals and interests. We pride ourselves on providing counsel that is clear, concise and helpful.

We offer cost-effective and result-oriented representation. We are always available to amend documents and manuals as circumstances change. If a dispute does occur, we are quick to respond and help you craft a comprehensive plan to deal with the situation.

To speak with our experienced employment law attorneys, call 303-424-4286 or contact the firm online.