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Today's business environment continues to see frequent movement of employees. Planning for this eventuality allows an employer and an employee to focus on the present matters at hand, knowing that such an eventuality is already addressed. By proactively managing the risks entailed in the severance of the relationship, future potential costs and litigation are mitigated.

Without this management of risk, severing a professional relationship exposes employer and employee to increased legal expenses or even financial losses. Attorney Bryan E. Kuhn advises clients around the globe as to the management of risk when it comes to severing business relationships. He can help you manage your risk as well.

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Bryan E. Kuhn, Counselor at Law, P.C., assists clients in understanding how to use severance agreements to manage risk and protect their rights under employment law. Employers and employees alike underutilize their attorneys in managing risk. Our firm regularly educates clients as to the attorney's role in successful risk management for businesses and individuals.

We regularly demonstrates to his clients how he can add value on the front-end of risk management planning rather than only entering into the equation after a preventable dispute has already arisen. With respect to severance matters, this front-end risk management normally takes the form of drafting new severance agreements where a current agreement is either nonexistent or does not adequately manage legal exposure.

Our firm's severance agreements also typically address the difficult topic of unemployment compensation subsequent to severance of the relationship, a topic much-disputed in today's economic conditions.

Additionally, the law firm assists clients in negotiating such agreements on the front-end. Our lawyers understand the delicate complexities involved in maintaining business relationships for the future while still remaining firm and fair during business negotiations in the present. This understanding becomes particularly significant while negotiating severance agreements, when a relationship is building a necessary contingency plan for its own potential dissolution. But, in so doing, we ensure that the business relationship successfully establishes a pattern for its future dealings, a pattern of communication, collaboration and mutual respect.

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