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Under the current Colorado Department of Labor and Employment rules, employees and employers have the opportunity to file an appeal when either side feels there has been a misguided decision. However, there is a limited amount of time to file an unemployment compensation appeal.

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Our attorneys handle all types of unemployment appeals. We know the rules of unemployment insurance are complex and it is crucial to present your case in a detailed and clear manner.

We know how to collect helpful, relevant evidence. This sometimes includes finding witnesses to provide testimony at a hearing. Our Denver unemployment compensation lawyers know what it takes to build a comprehensive case. Sometimes your appeal can lead to a remand hearing where a higher court will hear your case again. We know how to navigate this process.

In some cases, you may have grounds to appeal to the Industrial Claim Appeals Office (ICAO). It is also important to realize that you will need to continue to file any additional unemployment claims that are necessary, even if you are in the process of appealing your case.

Our attorneys have extensive experience with all types of employment issues. We know how important it is for employees to recover owed benefits and how employers need to protect themselves from inaccurate claims. Our interest is protecting your interests.

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