International Business Attorneys in Denver

A local or foreign company doing international business is subject to a tremendous number of risks. Bryan E. Kuhn, Counselor at Law, P.C., can provide you with the necessary legal advice and service to ensure that your company is properly structured, registered and incorporated in any foreign or domestic jurisdiction, so that you can focus on running your business.

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Our international business lawyers have handled various international business matters from our Denver, Colorado, office. We handle a wide variety of matters, including the following:

  • Business registration - Our firm has worked with different cultures and foreign legal authorities to register businesses properly so that our clients will not run afoul of foreign laws or authorities.
  • Strategic planning and/or risk mitigation - We are here to help protect businesses from future problems and issues that may arise. From drafting clauses in contracts to enacting policies, we explore every option to help insulate businesses from harm.
  • Structuring issues - International business lawyer Bryan Kuhn has spent time in Europe and Africa with local attorneys, ensuring compliance with the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) for an American company. In helping companies avoid costly lawsuits by their employees, we have also worked with various domestic companies on proper documentation, employee manuals, and operations and management procedures.
  • Others - Our firm applies creative and innovative approaches to effectively assist multinational corporations in intellectual property law, trademarks, partnership agreements, joint ventures, employee manuals, taxes, structuring issues, registration and international arbitration issues. We also have extensive working relationships with foreign attorneys, cultures, consulates and interpreters to assist us in concluding our clients' business deals.

We represent companies globally and have worked extensively with businesses and multinational companies in Latin America.

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We can help you properly form and run your business so that you can focus on making profits. Contact Bryan E. Kuhn, Counselor at Law, P.C., for a consultation.