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What rights to older employees have in a Colorado workplace?

You may be nearing the age when many people retire, or you may find that you are older than many of your co-workers, but you may not be quite ready to step away from your career. Perhaps you are an older individual who wishes to find employment that will allow you to supplement your fixed income. Either way, you may know how difficult it is to be an older employee in a Colorado workplace.

Older employees sometimes face difficulties in the workplace in the form of discrimination. In fact, employers may treat older workers unfairly solely based on their age. This is illegal, and there are federal laws, specifically the Age Discrimination in Employment Act, that protect your right to work. If you experienced age discrimination in any form, you do not have to suffer silently.

Domain names can be trademarked

Businesses in Colorado and throughout America will likely have a website, and this means that they will have to pick a domain name. If a domain name is distinctive in some way, it will typically qualify for trademark protection. Once a domain name has been trademarked, no one else can use the name without permission. If the trademark has been infringed upon, its owner may be entitled to financial or other forms of relief.

Simply using a domain name that sounds similar to an existing domain name doesn't necessarily qualify as trademark infringement. To qualify as infringement, a party would need to take action that could be seen as confusing to a customer. For instance, a company couldn't create a domain name that implies it is being endorsed by a trademark holder. It also couldn't imply that the owner of a trademark is affiliated with the infringing entity or is being endorsed by the trademark owner.

Colorado company grows by acquiring other companies

Medicine Man Technologies is based in Denver, Colorado, but it is looking to grow into a national or international business. It has recently spent more than $300 million on entities both in Colorado and in other states. These acquisitions have increased the company's revenue from roughly $10 million at the start of 2019 to about $170 million. The purchases were funded in part by an investment from a firm called Dye Capital in Florida.

A change to Colorado's cannabis law has made it possible for Medicine Man Technologies to expand as rapidly as it has. The changes will go into effect on Nov. 1, and when they do, companies will be allowed to use money from other states to fund their operations. It is believed that the transactions will close at some point in the early spring or early summer of 2020.

A look at the effect acquisitions have on store employees

Acquisitions and mergers help Colorado companies gain efficiencies and offer other benefits. There is definitely a lot of money being used on these deals; in 2018, $4.6 trillion was spent in the United States on acquisitions. However, one may wonder about the effect it has on employees and what can be done to help them.

During an acquisition, it is common for some positions to be eliminated or reduced, like positions in human resources, payroll and IT. Good companies take care of their people and usually offer generous compensation packages. This can help to bridge the employment gap.

Private equity and venture capital aren't the same

Colorado businesses that are looking for funding may think that private equity and venture capital firms are the same thing. While they may have many similarities, there are also key differences between the two that business owners need to know about. For instance, private equity firms tend to invest in companies that have a track record of success. They typically pour money into businesses that need help reaching profitability so that they can be sold.

Meanwhile, venture capital firms tend to invest in companies that have yet to reach their full potential. Generally speaking, venture capitalists prioritize growth over sustainability, which may or may not be in the best interests of a given organization. The goal of a venture capital firm is to invest in as many companies as possible with the hopes that one or two will become successful.

Facebook sued over cryptocurrency project logo

Some cryptocurrency enthusiasts in Colorado have been interested in Facebook's recently announced Calibra project for developing crypto, accompanied by the Libra token. At the same time, Facebook has been questioned about the development of the project by government officials as well as major financial companies like Visa, MasterCard and PayPal. Another e-commerce company is suing Facebook over the cryptocurrency, but the subject of the dispute is not the currency itself but the logo being used to advertise the project. Finco Services is also suing the logo's designer over what it claims is trademark infringement.

Finco Services hired Character SF, a graphic design firm, to develop a logo for its Current brand, the name it has given a mobile app used for online banking. Character SF created a logo for Finco that has a wavy, tilde-like symbol outlined in white. Finco has been using the logo since 2016, when it hired the company. Years later, Facebook hired the same design firm to develop the branding for its Calibra cryptocurrency project. The final result also includes a wavy, tilde-style line inside a circle. Finco has filed to register its logo as a trademark, and it accuses Facebook of violating its mark as well as unfair competition and false designation of origin.

Do you believe your employer has retaliated against you?

Going to work is something that most people do many days of the week. Some Colorado residents may love their jobs and their coworkers and look forward to going into work each day. Others, however, may dread having to go to work because they either dislike their job or because they do not feel appreciated or treated well while working.

Unfortunately, workplace harassment, discrimination and retaliation can all make you and other employees feel out of place and lead to detrimental outcomes for your productivity, mental health and career. If you believe that your employer has retaliated against you, you may want to obtain an assessment of your predicament.

Retailer fights Under Armour trademark claim

Colorado readers understand that businesses have the right to protect their trademarks. However, a Pacific Northwest couple claims that Under Amour is taking that concept too far.

According to media reports, the couple owns Cascade Armory, which is a clothing retailer based in Bend, Oregon. The pair started selling flannel shirts and other clothing to put themselves through college several years ago and officially launched their brand in late 2017. In early 2018, they filed documents to trademark the Cascade Armory name with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Intellectual property case filed by comic book icon's daughter

For businesses and those in the innovative and creative fields, intellectual property is a concern in Denver and across the nation. Prominent disputes regarding these rights are often fought in public. This is especially true if it involves a creative force like the late comic book icon Stan Lee.

Mr. Lee's daughter J.C. has restarted a dispute her father had regarding his creations prior to his death. Mr. Lee died nearly one year ago at age 95. The lawsuit, filed in California, names POW! Entertainment as the defendant. Before he passed away, Mr. Lee filed a lawsuit for $1 billion against POW. In it, he asserted that he was taken advantage of in multiple ways. He dropped the lawsuit with a statement expressing confusion about the whole process and saying that he was happy to move on from the allegations.

Entrepreneurs can benefit from exit planning

Business owners in Colorado may have thought a great deal about how they want to shape their companies. After all, their vision, drive and inspiration led them to want to become entrepreneurs to begin with. However, another important part of business success can include planning for a company founder's exit. Experts advise that an exit plan should be part of a business plan from the beginning, especially as part of understanding an owner's primary goal in launching the company.

Some startup founders may be most interested in selling their company to a larger firm in order to move on to their next big project. On the other hand, others want to continue their businesses as a family legacy, and still more want to become bigger themselves, eventually becoming a public company issuing an IPO. Understanding a long-term vision for the company can help founders pitch their plans to investors and gain the support they need to achieve their goals. However, it can also be a good idea for people to have more than one plan for their exit. Contingency plans can help entrepreneurs deal with changes in the market and economic conditions as well as other issues that could inhibit their initial vision.

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