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June 2011 Archives

Airline ownership restructuring would give pilots an equity stake

The airline industry has been hit hard by rising fuel costs, and at least one of Denver's leading carriers has had to think way outside of the box as a result. The parent company of Frontier Airlines and the carrier's Pilots Association announced earlier this week that they have agreed to restructure the airline's ownership.

Venture capital fund in Denver contributes to job market growth

Venture capital funding is known for its potential to spawn job growth. With today's failing economy and deflated job market, venture capital designed to fund new jobs gets praise all across the board. A Denver company recently closed on a venture capital round that totaled $14 million.

Colorado venture capital seminar attracts new businesses

Venture capital plays a vital role in encouraging entrepreneurial spirit and driving business innovation. But finding the right investors can be a challenge, and new businesses could benefit from the advice of those that are involved in the investment process. Some of Colorado's new business entrepreneurs met with a leading venture capitalist recently to pick up some tips on how to attract that winning investment.

Wrongful termination case heads to Colorado Supreme Court

Running a business can often be challenging. Employers must weigh each decision against their duty to protect the reputation of the institution. Terminating an employee can be a hard decision to make, but often a necessary one in order for the institution to survive. Many other employees and customers depend on it. However, this can turn into a very stressful situation when employees file wrongful termination lawsuits. A Colorado school had this exact experience recently.