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Colorado venture capital seminar attracts new businesses

Venture capital plays a vital role in encouraging entrepreneurial spirit and driving business innovation. But finding the right investors can be a challenge, and new businesses could benefit from the advice of those that are involved in the investment process. Some of Colorado's new business entrepreneurs met with a leading venture capitalist recently to pick up some tips on how to attract that winning investment.

The event was part of Boulder Startup Week. Entrepreneurs were invited to five days of free training and networking, coordinated with businesses all over the city. Many entrepreneurs were in attendance as Boulder follows in the footsteps of Denver, which is home to many successful technology businesses.

One of the sessions was led by the managing director of a Colorado investment group. He was happy to give advice to start-up businesses, and offered pointers on how to write business plans and how to deliver pitches that would attract investors. In business, networking is often the key to success, and events like this give new businesses the opportunity to connect with investors.

Finding the seed capital to develop a great business idea or to expand a rapidly growing business can be difficult. Many new businesses do not qualify for conventional financing, but venture capital investments can kick start expansion and finance growth. An experienced venture capital attorney may be able to help to draft a winning business plan to secure investment. They can also assist in securing an investment for high-risk business ventures, and help to put together an agreement between both parties.

Source: The Denver Post, "Venture capitalist gives entrepreneurs tips on the best pitch," Andy Vuong, 30 May 2011

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