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July 2011 Archives

Business plan leads to goldmine in Denver

An idea can grow from nothing and blossom into a lucrative industry rich with promise. One such venture is now blooming in Colorado - Colorado Correctional Industries is launching a new enterprise designed to supply raw buffalo milk to a Denver-based food company. According to officials from Colorado Correctional Industries (CCI), the company recognized the need for water buffalo milk in mozzarella cheese production and set out to construct a business plan that would accommodate that need. CCI is a company that is staffed by inmates. Inmates will work for as much as $10 per hour at the newly established dairy.

Pueblo business plan seeks $33.1 million state grant

Everybody wins when a local government puts together a business plan aimed at spurring development. Pueblo is doing just that for the Denver area, offering a unique opportunity for construction projects and business investment.

Grant funds business plan advice for local clean-energy startups

While times are tough for many businesses, there are still opportunities for investment. Innovation and entrepreneurship are the driving forces behind a bright spot the economy in Colorado, providing an opportunity for start-ups with promising business plans to develop. To give an example, the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment has granted funding to Rocky Mountain Innosphere (RMI), a project based in Fort Collins, to launch a number of new clean-energy businesses.

Walmart employment discrimination class action suit decertified

The Supreme Court recently reversed the certification of a nationwide class action claim against Wal-Mart. The gender discrimination suit represented 1.5 million past and present female employees. It alleged that the women were denied pay and promotions under a corporate-wide "policy" of sex discrimination. This decision has made headlines and has left many employers in Colorado and all over the U.S. wondering what the decision really means for them.