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Business plan leads to goldmine in Denver

An idea can grow from nothing and blossom into a lucrative industry rich with promise. One such venture is now blooming in Colorado - Colorado Correctional Industries is launching a new enterprise designed to supply raw buffalo milk to a Denver-based food company. According to officials from Colorado Correctional Industries (CCI), the company recognized the need for water buffalo milk in mozzarella cheese production and set out to construct a business plan that would accommodate that need. CCI is a company that is staffed by inmates. Inmates will work for as much as $10 per hour at the newly established dairy.

The company's director told reporters that the water buffalo endeavor will be a moneymaker. He went on to state that the entire organization is excited to be on the ground floor of a type of dairy market that is as yet untapped in the U.S. He states that the dividing factor between the new CCI dairy and other dairies across the country is the decision to farm water buffalo. Reportedly, cows' milk sells for about $30 per every 100 pounds, while water buffalo milk commands $100 for 100 pounds.

The enterprising CCI organization saves taxpayers in Colorado over $9 million a year. The inmates involved in the program hold highly coveted positions and there is a waiting list for prisoners who want to participate. Spokespeople for the company state that if there's a way to make money, CCI will find it.

Solid businesses like CCI's dairy venture start with a simple idea and develop into a business plan that eventually grows into a successful company. Developing a business plan is not always easy, however. Many people find the aid of professional legal counsel makes the business planning process less painstaking. The state of Colorado is the birthplace for a number of exciting business ventures and there are a host of knowledgeable attorneys in the Denver area who may be able to provide assistance.

Source: The Pueblo Chieftain, "Corrections industries in new business," Patrick Malone, 14 July 2011.

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