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August 2011 Archives

Doctor's wrongful termination suit opposed by Vail medical clinic

Wrongful termination suits against Colorado employers sometimes involve both legal and public relation matters. When an employee engages in conduct justifying or even requiring dismissal, an employer is concerned with protecting its own legal rights as well as complying with all appropriate employment law issues pertaining to the termination.

Colorado sheriff sued for employment discrimination

Despite the great strides our society has taken in making workplaces more comfortable for everyone, some people still see discrimination in their places of employment. For example, one Colorado law enforcement employee is suing another on the basis of gender and age discrimination. The former female deputy in this case has filed suit against the Eagle County sheriff alleging that the sheriff compiled a "hit list" of "older female employees" who would be let go from their positions.

Business transactions follow good business planning

Business transactions are the lifeblood of our economy, here in Colorado and all across our country. When an individual or company comes up with an idea that advances technology and offers multiple uses designed to save lives, we all pull up a chair to listen.

Colorado government plans venture capital fund in near future

Hard financial times have become evident in nearly every state in the United States. Governments, businesses and individuals have been struggling to stay afloat for years; and nearly every legislative branch has put substantial effort into attempts to bridge the economic gap - authorities in Colorado are no exception.