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Colorado wrongful termination case involves numerous allegations

There may be times when the facts surrounding a wrongful termination case can be fairly cut and dry. Then, there are those times when a "he said, she said" case comes along. This type of wrongful termination case can be virtually impossible to prove, one way or the other, without witnesses to the alleged behavior. Such was the case in Colorado when a former employee of the Trinidad Ambulance District filed a civil suit against the district, its director and a paramedic for alleged sexual harassment and racial discrimination. The complaint was filed on Oct. 20 in the Las Animas County District Court.

The complaint alleges that two men committed illegal and wrongful acts based on the plaintiff's gender and race. It also alleges the woman was made to work in a hostile work environment. The woman was employed as an EMT in the district from September 2000 through May of 2010. Her complaint claims that in 2007 she was physically groped by one of the men named in the complaint. In that same year, she alleges the other male showed pornographic pictures of himself to her on his phone.

In addition to the above, the woman alleges that there were several other instances of sexual harassment and racial slurs directed at the woman. She also claims that other workers at the district were harassed and that white workers were given preferential treatment. The complaint states that the woman reported these incidents but was fired in May of 2010 as a direct retaliation for complaining.

This Colorado case illustrates how a plaintiff's complaint can be heavily laden with allegations that may or may not be true. To date, no witnesses have come forward to substantiate her claims.

Source:, "Woman sues ambulance district," Anthony A. Mestas, Oct. 26, 2011

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