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Windsor considers business plan to attract new business

As Colorado along with the rest of the country fights its way back from recession, many communities believe that the ability to attract new business offering new services, products, and jobs may be just what the doctor ordered. Think of it as a business plan to attract business. To that end, the Windsor Town Board is addressing the issue of an economic incentives policy, proposed by the town's business development manager.

The manager asked the board to consider a proposed policy as a package of incentives for companies looking to expand or locate in the town, the main focus being on jobs and primary employers. It was noted that the incentives would be part of a negotiating process, the idea being that the board could pick and choose which incentives might apply in which circumstance. The incentives proposed include waiving certain fees and taxes, matching dollars for training programs and offering an expedited permit review process.

It was also proposed that the town fund a study in 2012 to analyze retail in the community and take an inventory of current land use. The results would allow the manager to create a business plan to attract the designated retail businesses. While offering general support for the proposed action, it was noted that efforts should be made to fill the empty buildings in town and give preference on incentives to those offering new services and products for the community.

The issues under consideration in Windsor are indicative of similar actions in other Colorado communities. The emphasis is on creating a favorable business environment, as well as offering incentives to existing or new companies to expand or locate in the community. Seeking appropriate consultation can help businesses investigate preferable locations and negotiate terms favorable for business growth, benefitting both the employer and the town offering the incentives.

Source:, "Windsor considers economic incentives to boost business, jobs," Ashley Keesis-wood, Oct. 08, 2011

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