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December 2011 Archives

Colorado Supermarket Chain Settles Discrimination Claim

Non-discrimination training is a crucial part of any business operation. Even when the business's leaders are committed to fairness, certain employees' discriminatory behavior can lead to costly employment law disputes.

NBA security director says he was fired for reporting harassment

Although many changes have been made in terms of workplace safety, wage and hour laws and employee protections sexual harassment remains a very serious issue in many work environments. No employee in Denver or anywhere else has to suffer in a hostile work environment where promotions are based on sexuality, inappropriate jokes are told or unwanted sexual advancements are made.

Smart business plan helps to create Colorado tennis center

For anyone who loves tennis, Louisville, Colorado, may be the next hot spot to play. If all of the transactions go through smoothly, sometime next year the city may be home to the state's largest tennis club. The business plan includes 25 indoor and outdoor tennis courts, six smaller courts for children, a clubhouse and a highly qualified team of professional coaches and trainers. The facility will be on a 13-plus acre parcel of land that the Rocky Mountain Tennis Center purchased last year. The site is located on the northeast corner of West Dillon Road and South 96th Street. Earlier in November, the city council gave its preliminary approval of the project. It is now hoped that final approval will come in the spring.

Maverik Inc. settles wrongful termination suit

Justly or unjustly, many Colorado businesses have been accused of wrongfully terminating employees for any number of reasons. Facing this kind of suit is perhaps the worst nightmare for many employers, as allegations of employment discrimination and wrongful termination are often perpetuated in the press without sharing both sides of the story. That can lead to damage to a company's reputation, even in cases in which the heads of a company believed they were acting in good faith.