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NBA security director says he was fired for reporting harassment

Although many changes have been made in terms of workplace safety, wage and hour laws and employee protections sexual harassment remains a very serious issue in many work environments. No employee in Denver or anywhere else has to suffer in a hostile work environment where promotions are based on sexuality, inappropriate jokes are told or unwanted sexual advancements are made.

A former National Basketball Association security director said that he was wrongfully terminated for standing up for several female employees being sexually harassed and discriminated against by co-workers and other supervisors. The former security director filed a lawsuit this past week claiming that he was forced out of his position in retaliation for standing up for the women.

The former security director had worked with the league for approximately 10 years. The first few years were filled with exemplary reports, but the atmosphere quickly changed after he reported harassment claims made by three women to his superiors. The claims went ignored, but the security director was passed over for a promotion and began receiving less than stellar evaluations.

According to the suit, two of the women had complained of inappropriate and offensive statements made to them by another security employee. The women said that the co-worker had also posted offensive pornographic material on his computer screen. The third woman reported to the security director that the senior vice president of security at the time forced her to make copies of a sexually offensive picture and made demeaning comments towards her for which she eventually filed a harassment suit of her own.

Source: The News Tribune, "Suit alleges harassment," Dec. 16, 2011

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