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February 2012 Archives

Recession Recovery Spurs New Franchise Opportunities

Take a drive through any neighborhood in Denver - or anywhere in the United States, for that matter - and it's easy to see the scars the recession has left behind. Empty storefronts dot the landscape, serving as stark reminders of the damages wrought by the economic downturn.

Colorado Lawmakers Won't Pass Unemployment Discrimination Law

It's no secret that the recession has been hard on Colorado businesses. Many have had to lay off workers, and even more have had to delay hiring until the economy improves. As a result, many Colorado workers have found it hard to find jobs.

Stuck in Your Search for Capital? Try Revising Your Pitch

Often, the most challenging part of starting or growing a business is finding enough money. The economy has been hurting for years, and many investors are reluctant to give money to an enterprise that doesn't seem like a sure bet.