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March 2012 Archives

Company sued for performing background checks on employees

A class action lawsuit has been filed that accuses a national pizza chain of violating the Fair Credit Reporting Act by running background checks on employees without obtaining the necessary authorization to do so, and not sharing those reports with employees or applicants. The suit also alleges that the company took adverse action against employees and applicants, including denial of employment and wrongful terminations.

New ADA standards for Colorado employers now in effect

The Americans with Disabilities Act was first passed in 1990 and the Department of Justice recently revised some of its standards, which went into effect last week. The Department of Justice's new revisions require businesses of both existing and newly constructed facilities to comply with these new standards.

Urban Outfitters sued by Navajo Nation for trademark infringement

Urban Outfitters, an international clothing and accessories retailer is accused of trademark infringement in a recent lawsuit filed by the Navajo Nation. The suit claims that the retailer is using the Navajo name in their products without permission. The tribe alleges the retailer's use of their name confuses and deceives consumers into thinking there is an association between the Navajo Nation and the retailer's products and brand. And that use of the name and trademark unfairly trades off the fame, reputation and goodwill of the Navajo Nation.

Denver, Colorado: house passes small-business development bill

Colorado's network of Small Business Development Centers could receive an additional $300,000 if the House Appropriations Committee passes a bill that was recently passed in a 10-3 vote with bipartisan support by the Economic Business Development Committee.