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June 2012 Archives

Did Facebook IPO put the kibosh on other IPOs?

This time last year 19 companies had made an initial public offering. Not one company has gone public since Facebook went public last month, and 14 companies have delayed or withdrawn their IPO plans, why is that? Additionally, there is not one public offering scheduled for this week, thanks mainly to the European debt crisis. Coloradoans might be wondering if Facebook's rather inauspicious start may be partly or perhaps entirely to blame for the recent drop in new IPOs.

Colorado Springs named 3rd best city for small business startups

The Kauffman Foundation and released their annual rankings last week and named Colorado Springs, Colorado, as the third best city in the United States for starting a small business. Thumbtrack is a website used for finding and hiring local services. After surveying more than 6,000 small businesses around the nation over a two-month period, the website put Colorado Springs as one of the best places in the country to start and grow a small business and gave it an A+ rating.

Denver, Colorado-based RE/MAX sues for trademark infringement

Whether or not you work in real estate or have bought or sold a home recently, you are no doubt familiar with the logo of the red, white and blue hot air balloon belonging to the national real estate company RE/MAX. The Denver, Colorado-based company has used this horizontal color scheme since 1974 and trademarked that scheme 15 years later. And it works hard to protect its trademark. If the company receives a tip from one of its local branch offices, it will send a letter to the offending party.

Denver: is there such a thing as venture capital philanthropy?

It is often said that some of the most innovative thinkers are involved in start-up companies, but the problem is these entrepreneurs often have difficulty finding seed money to get their brilliant ideas off the ground. With the strain on the economy over the last few years, more and more venture capital firms have tightened the purse strings and become adverse to certain risk factors in funding decisions, as reported in a previous post. With the decline in venture capital funding in the last decade, unless a start-up has a commercially viable product ready to launch, it can be difficult to find the funds to help get the product to market.