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August 2012 Archives

Denver: Kickstarter, other sites increase crowdfunding scrutiny

Over the past two years, a Denver investor has backed nine different projects on the crowdfunding website Kickstarter. Three of the projects he funded have resulted in success, six have not. Not really a huge success, but also not a total failure either. Crowdfunding, for those new to the term, is where investors or donors agree to pledge anywhere from $1 to whatever a particular project is requesting to help an entrepreneur, artist or inventor get their brilliant idea or concept off the ground. In return for their pledge they may receive online recognition, a return on their investment or some gadget or product the inventor hopes to create.

Does venture capital investing create jobs in Denver, elsewhere?

After receiving a $10 million investment, EverFi, a district based education startup company is planning on hiring up to a 100 employees around the country, and hopefully in the Denver area as well within the next 18 months. The $10 million investment was from a group of financiers with some of the biggest names in consumer technology, including Amazon's chief executive Jeff Bezos, Twitter co-founder Evan Williams and Google's Chairman Eric Schmidt.

"Modern Family" cast resolves contract dispute

The cast of the highly popular award-winning sitcom "Modern Family" have reached an agreement with the show's production company, 20th Century Fox, according to a spokesperson for the series. The show's adult cast has some great ammunition in their negotiation arsenal, including having been recently nominated for 14 Emmy Awards, the most of any situational comedy. In the past two years, the show has won Emmy Awards for outstanding Comedy Series and several of the cast members have won individual Emmy Awards for their acting on the comedy series.

Denver company agrees to pay $550k for discriminatory hiring

More than 250 minority applicants of Leprino Foods Inc. will receive part of a $550,000 settlement agreement between the Denver-based company and the United States Department of Labor. The DOL accused the company of systematic discriminatory hiring practices when it rejected 253 minority applicants. The agreement settles the DOL's allegations that the use of "WorkKeys," a pre-employment screening test, was discriminatory.

New intellectual property exchange to revolutionize the IP market

Innovation is often achieved by expanding on prior innovations. As many Denver business owners know, once a new technology hits the market other companies will try and improve upon that technology, innovation breeds innovation just like necessity is the mother of invention, as the saying goes. And now a company's ability to build on the innovations of others just got easier. Introducing the IPXI - a new intellectual property exchange, which provides a one-stop place to sell, buy or trade intellectual property and patent rights.