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Denver tech talent and new federal programs aimed at startups

Apparently the White House thinks enough of our Denver area technical talent to tap into them in an effort to get their thoughts on the development of new government backed programs that are aimed at helping new startups, small businesses and entrepreneurs have a shot at government contracts. Anyone who has ever started a business knows how difficult it can be to not only get your business off the ground but break the barrier to winning large government IT contracts that can make or break a business.

Since Denver has a wealth of technical IT talent, the current administration tapped our pool of talent to help launch five different startup initiatives. During a six-city White House Innovation Tour, a United States Chief Technology Officer told approximately 50 Denver-area business leaders and technical company executives about the different government-backed initiatives it hopes will open some doors for small businesses and startups to tap into the $80 billion the U.S. spends each year on information technology.

Two of the projects include MyGov, which hopes to ease the public's access to federal government data, and RFP-EZ, which is an effort to streamline the government's contracting process for startups. The U.S. Chief Technology Officer said that startups are often not included in the government's IT spending because of the complexities involved in the contract procedures. Because of this, the government is missing out on opportunities to get involved in and take advantage of new and innovative IT technology.

With the right business law and legal talent on your side when starting a new business you can easily navigate the complex hurdles that may prevent a great business idea or technology from taking flight. With the appropriate business plan in place and the right entity for your particular goals you can get your business started on firm footing and poised for rapid growth, including access to government contracts that may just be what launches your new technology into the next big idea.

Source: The Denver Post, "White House seeks help from Denver tech execs on projects for startups," Andy Vuong, Oct. 11, 2012

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