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February 2013 Archives

Christian college defends firing of pregnant worker

Business owners have a responsibility to comply with state and federal employment laws. In general, laws that govern discrimination, harassment and employment contracts are aimed at protecting employees from being unfairly mistreated, fired or denied a position. However, because Colorado is an at-will employment state, a person can generally be fired at any time as long as there is no ill motive in the termination.

Google Ventures proves to be venture capital powerhouse

One of the most important steps in starting and growing a business is securing enough seed capital to support the birth or growth of a company. Business owners in Colorado often need financial support for a business idea, and they may also benefit from securing legal resources that can locate and capitalize on potential funding prospects in order to complete these business transactions.

Judge rules against claims of copyright infringement

Innovation and creative solutions are some of the most valuable and desirable achievements for business owners. Many companies pride themselves on being in a position of standard-setting and originality. Protecting the ideas and products that someone creates is often detrimental to a company's success, which is why it can be crucial for business owners in Colorado to understand intellectual property laws.

New high-tech startups popular in Colorado

Starting a new business can be an exciting venture for a business owner. There are all sorts of possibilities and hopefully, a business will grow and thrive into a successful and beneficial entity. Depending on many factors, however, business owners will want to be very deliberate in a number of their decisions when it comes to business formation.