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New businesses in Colorado confronted with cyber threats

People all over Colorado are starting new business ventures. Even as the economy continues in recovery mode, entrepreneurs all over the state are looking to launch a new company or take steps to grow existing businesses. There are many things that business owners need to be aware of as the make a significant change.

When people think about the challenges of opening a new business, they likely think of securing funding, developing a product and generating a profit. However, there is another risk associated with starting a business of which many people may not be aware. 

According to a recent report, startup businesses are among the most highly targeted entities for cyber attacks. When a company purchases a website and starts to set up email accounts for employees, cybercriminals can see this and target the company. 

Often, cyber attacks are launched so that criminals can get access to bank records, trade secrets and data that may be valuable. And although many small companies may think they are too small to get the attention of a cyber criminal, startups are often a popular target because of how new and vulnerable their systems are. Just 10 months after a business has started, it is very likely that they have already been attacked with spam and malware.

Protecting a business from cyber attacks is only one of the many challenges that business owners face when starting a company. However, just like there are ways to protect digital information and prevent malware from infecting a business, there are ways to protect a business through effective business transactions and legal support. 


Source: CNN Money, "New startups prime targets for cyberattacks," Parija Kavilanz, May 23, 2013

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