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June 2013 Archives

Supreme Court makes 2 controversial employment law rulings

There are many state and federal laws in place that are aimed at protecting both employers and employees in the workplace. Whether they protect a company's trade secrets or an employee's time to take a medical leave, these laws can be very important to understand. This can be a challenge for many people in Colorado and nationwide, however, as employment laws can be complex and they change periodically.

Supreme Court: Human genes cannot be patented

We often use this blog to discuss some of the challenges that Colorado entrepreneurs face when it comes to protecting their business. One of the ways in which this can be accomplished is by patenting a specific product, process or solution. Patents and other types of intellectual properties can give rights to or ownership of an invention to one party. Patenting an invention means that it becomes publicly disclosed information, but no one else has the rights to use the patented material without permission.

Lady Gaga's Former Assistant Sues

Lady Gaga's former assistant, Jennifer O'Neill sued her on December 2011, claiming she was so severely overworked she's now owed more than $393,000 in unpaid overtime from 2009 to March 2011.  O'Neill earned a $75,000 salary while working for the pop star.  She is claiming 7,168 hours of unpaid overtime. O'Neill also states she did not get breaks to eat or sleep and was routinely called to deal with "spontaneous, random matters in the middle of the night." 

What is happening to new Colorado businesses every 3 days?

We have previously discussed how popular Colorado is becoming with entrepreneurs on this blog. Based on a number of factors unique to the state, business owners have been flocking to parts of Colorado to launch their startup business. But a new study confirms just how many startups began last year.

American Apparel faces one challenge after another

Many Colorado business owners will do whatever it takes to avoid the costs and time associated going to court with other businesses, consumers and investors. Employers would likely rather focus on improving the health and success of their business. However, there are times when business litigation is unavoidable. Business owners may find themselves facing legal concerns related to employees, business practices and finances.