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July 2013 Archives

Judge rules in favor of employer in discrimination suit

Allegations of discrimination on the job should always be taken very seriously by managers and employers in Colorado. If someone is being treated unfairly because of their gender, race or religion, they have the right to take legal action against their employers for engaging in or allowing such behavior to occur.

Judge: Sony did not violate copyright by using Faulkner line

More and more business owners in Colorado may be faced with protecting certain ideas, solutions or products that are crucial to the success of a company. These concepts are collectively referred to as intellectual property. State and federal laws are in place to grant rights to business owners to effectively protect these creations, but there are many times when other parties infringe on these rights by using intellectual property unlawfully.

Employment Separation Agreements

Employee reductions in force and "downsizing" are an unfortunate part of the employment relationship. An employer's decision to retain certain employees, while terminating or laying off others, may lead the discharged workers to feel that they were discriminated against. To minimize the risk of potential litigation, many employers offer departing employees money or benefits in exchange for a waiver of liability for all claims connected with the employment relationship, including discrimination claims under the Age Discrimination in Employment Act ("ADEA"), Title VII, the Americans with Disabilities Act ("ADA") and the Equal Pay Act ("EPA").

Avoid these traits when pitching to potential investors

One of the most crucial steps in starting a business can be identifying and seeking the funding that is often necessary for startups. Whether a person is reaching out to angel investors or venture capital firms, the goal should be on closing business transactions and securing the financing that can be vital to the initial success of a business. 

'App store' lawsuits dropped by Apple and Amazon before trial

Deciding when to take aggressive legal action and when to take steps to avoid costly litigation in the business world can be very difficult decisions to make. There are options that must be weighed in both scenarios and business owners must take many factors into consideration before committing to a plan. How will this affect the company in the long run? How will a lawsuit affect our customers and clients? Depending on the answers to these and other important questions, business owners can make effective decisions that in the company's best interest. 

25-year-old entrepreneur finds success with new business venture

Starting a business is something that people all across Colorado hope to do someday, which is why entrepreneurs come in all shapes and sizes. People who have worked in an industry for decades can find the same type of success in opening a business as someone who is just out of college. With a good product and strong business formation resources, people from all backgrounds can develop and grow a strong company. Folks in Colorado may have heard of a young man who is proving to be quite a successful entrepreneur with his new company.