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Ex-employees claim Apple owes them unpaid wages

Unfortunately, employee theft is a reality business owners in Colorado have to confront. There are measures employers can take to prevent theft, but any attempt to keep retail or company property where it belongs should be in compliance with current state and federal laws. Maybe a solid security system with cameras can reduce the risk, or a bag check policy might be implemented. In any case, business owners may want to check with their attorneys before instituting a policy.

Apple is currently being sued over its bag check policy, and if the plaintiffs have their way, the tech giant could end up paying millions to current and former employees throughout the country.

Two former retail workers have filed a class-action lawsuit claiming that Apple's policy of checking employees' bags resulted in uncompensated work time. The plaintiffs say they waited in line for as long as 1.5 hours each week while employee bags were checked for possible retail theft.

According to the lawsuit, the wait time happened while the workers were off the clock, so they should be compensated in wages. One plaintiff said she is owed about $1,500, and the other says he is owed $1,400.

The lawsuit also alleges that Apple's bag check policy is in violation of the federal Fair Labor Standards Act, as well as labor laws in New York and California.

If employers want to avoid costly and time-consuming litigation, it is a good idea to have an employment law attorney go over any employee-related policies.

As for Apple's employee-related lawsuit, we'll have to wait to see how the tech company responds.

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