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Colorado company named in $140,000 breach of contract lawsuit

A breach of contract suit has been filed against a local Colorado cabinetmaking company and its individual owners by a Pennsylvania finance company. The finance company alleges that the cabinetmaker owes it $140,000 in unpaid payments on a finance agreement entered into in 2012, pursuant to which the finance company advanced funds to enable the cabinet maker to acquire a machine saw.

In addition to the $140,000 that the finance company alleges it is owed, the company is also asking for interest, litigation costs, attorney's fees and repossession of the equipment.

Under the terms of the contract, the defendants allegedly agreed to make regular monthly installment payments of $2,671.43 plus tax. According to the plaintiff, a total of only eight monthly payments were made before the defendants defaulted, leaving 52 remaining unpaid monthly payments.

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Source: Pennsylvania Record, "Chester County company seeks $140K-plus in breach of contract claim against Colorado business", Jon Campisi, September 11, 2013

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