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Apple claims copyright infringement for publication of contract

Colorado residents might find it interesting to hear that Apple has demanded that the small online music site Digital Music News remove a copy it posted in June of an iTunes Radio contract that the company offered to small independent record labels. According to Apple, DMN violated its copyrights in posting a copy of the contract on its website. According to a law professor at Santa Clara University, contracts being copyrighted is rare but possible.

The professor speculated further that Apple is using copyright to suppress information that it doesn't want to be made public. DMN reportedly obtained the contract from an unnamed source. DMN is a small news service that likely does not have the economic resources to defend a legal challenge from international corporations of Apple's caliber.

With the action Apple took against DMN comes the question of what will happen to the Australian teenager who leaked the first photos of the iPhone 5s and 5c. The teen is also being credited with leaking the first photos of Apple's new iPads.

Business and commercial lawyers might be able to assist companies with dealing with issues like copyright infringement. Business law has the potential to get complicated quickly, especially when large international corporations are involved. Lawyers might be able to help companies ensure that the language in the business contracts and other agreements is concise and clearly states the intentions of all parties involved so that there can be no disputes over them in the future. A commercial law attorney may also litigate on behalf of a company that believes its copyright or patent has been infringed.

Source: The Verge, "Apple demands news site pull copy of iTunes Radio contract, claims copyright infringement", Greg Sandoval, October 11, 2013

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