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Nicollette Sheridan's firing case dismissed

The television show "Desperate Housewives" has many fans in the Denver, Colorado, area. Nicollette Sheridan, a star of the series, is involved in a long-running dispute with the show, its creator and the ABC Television Network. Sheridan's position is that she was fired from the show in retaliation for filing a claim against the show's creator. Last week, a Los Angeles judge dismissed the star's wrongful termination lawsuit.

The judge dismissed the case because he felt Sheridan should have pursued additional action through a labor commissioner before initiating a lawsuit. Sheridan claims she was fired from the show in retaliation after she complained about the creator striking her on the head in 2008. The creator says he tapped her on the head for "artistic direction" and that her character had been written out of the show before she filed the complaint.

Sheridan had been seeking $6 million dollars, and her attorney said that she will appeal the dismissal. In 2012, a court ruled that the star had not been wrongfully terminated, but they also allowed her to continue retaliation claims.

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Source: CBS, "Nicollette Sheridan's case over "Desperate Housewives" firing dismissed", October 18, 2013

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