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April 2014 Archives

Shareholder dispute continues concerning corporate governance

Affinity Gaming, a corporation that operates casinos in Colorado among other states, has become entangled in a dispute involving its two largest shareholders. The dispute concerns control over the company and the reconstituting of Affinity's board.

MS medication center of patent protection dispute

A patent protection dispute has made its way to the U.S. Supreme Court concerning a drug popularly used to treat multiple sclerosis. One teacher at the Colorado School of Medicine has stated that Copaxone or Glatiramer acetate was approved by the FDA in 1996 and has long been used as part of an MS therapy. It also has remained an extremely profitable medication for Teva Pharmaceutical Industries, a company that has a patent on Copaxone.

Mandatory Flu Shots

Mandatory vaccination programs have become increasingly common, particularly in the health care sector. In 2012, Colorado's Board of Health voted that all hospitals, nursing homes and health care facilities across the state must achieve at least a ninety percent (90%) flu vaccination rate for workers by 2015. Employees in other states have been fired for refusing to comply with vaccination requirements; which may soon be likely in Colorado.

Signing Bonuses

Recently the issue of money paid by an employer to a prospective employee pre-employment, in the form of a sign-on bonus, has come up in my law practice. For example, a recent client was given a $10,000.00 signing bonus but had to pay it back if he left the company within two (2) years. The gentleman wanted to leave the company prior to the two (2) year commitment, and wondered if he had any recourse to avoid paying back the bonus monies received.

Estee Lauder prevails in anti-trust matter

Duty Free America's anti-trust allegations directed at Estée Lauder have been dismissed by a federal judge.  DFA is a travel retailer who had a prior business relationship with Estée Lauder until 2008.  At that point Estée Lauder was said to have raised its prices and then declined an opportunity for DFA to negotiate a new business agreement.

Colorado businessman has hopes for energy startup company

A special advisor concerning a Colorado-based energy company is hoping to focus attention upon his new business startup.  The startup is to run in both Denver and Hawaii and is intended to provide purchasers of an electric vehicle with a system that will provide them clean and even possibly free fuel.