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Colorado businessman has hopes for energy startup company

A special advisor concerning a Colorado-based energy company is hoping to focus attention upon his new business startup.  The startup is to run in both Denver and Hawaii and is intended to provide purchasers of an electric vehicle with a system that will provide them clean and even possibly free fuel.

The entrepreneur has ambitious plans for his new venture including national and global marketing of his product.  It was one of 15 energy startup companies to receive $5 million in investment money from a startup program.  "We are on the edge of something that will ultimately change the way we fuel our personal mobility," he stated.

The beginning of such a startup will obviously require a great deal of planning. This particular project is about a year away from becoming the center of this person's focus. Efforts will obviously have to continue as pertains to this venture as the process gets underway. This entrepreneur also hopes that prior business lessons can be used as a part of this future endeavor.

While business startups can provide a great deal of opportunity, there is also the risk of failure. There will always be a number of legal complications that come along with starting a new business venture. As business executives already have so much to contend with, competent attorneys in the area of entrepreneur law are needed to make certain no mistakes are made. Besides starting the business up, advice will also be required in marketing, financing and hiring of employees. The need for business advice will also be ongoing.


Source: Pacific Business News, "Former Sunetric CEO Tiller to focus on new energy startup," Duane Shimogawa, March 27, 2014

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