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Estee Lauder prevails in anti-trust matter

Duty Free America's anti-trust allegations directed at Estée Lauder have been dismissed by a federal judge.  DFA is a travel retailer who had a prior business relationship with Estée Lauder until 2008.  At that point Estée Lauder was said to have raised its prices and then declined an opportunity for DFA to negotiate a new business agreement.

A federal judge had previously dismissed the dispute in May 2013.  However, DFA then filed an amended complaint.  In new allegations, Estée Lauder was accused of providing misleading information concerning which authorized dealers were permitted to sell the Estée Lauder product line.

It was ruled by the court that no anti-trust violations took place as DFA had access to other beauty products. It appears the court also did not find that Estée Lauder misled DFA and thus ruled that the allegations were without merit.

Business transactions are often the subject of business litigation when distribution agreement disputes arise. Each circumstance is unique and allegations can often prove challenging to defend. Additionally, defending such claims can prove disruptive to the business and can sometimes involve negative coverage in the media. Such delays can result in lost profits and revenues.

Business disputes are generally complicated and can involve millions of dollars. Experienced business attorneys can make certain that these disputes are resolved in the company's best interest. In certain instances this can come about by settling the matter before it actually goes to trial. In other situations it can mean taking the matter to court and defending the company against all allegations.

Source: DFNI Online, "DFA thwarted in Estée Lauder courtroom battle," Andrew Pentol, March 31, 2014

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