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Trademark dispute between brewing companies leads to name change

Strange Brewing Co. of Denver has deciding to change its name to Strange Craft Beer Co. due to a dispute it has had with an out-of-state company. The out-of-state company named Strange Brew Beer and Winemaking had demanded that Strange Brewing change its name in September 2012.

Strange Brew Beer claimed that it owned the trademark name concerning production and sale of beer. A verbal agreement had been reached between the two companies late last year. Strange Craft Beer had agreed that it would drop the word "Brewing" from its name presumably to prevent further confusion with regards to the two companies. Strange Craft Beer is now also seeking to trademark its new name.

Even seemingly minor disagreements such as this can prove costly to businesses. Businesses spend a great deal marketing their particular brand and do not wish for other companies to benefit from that marketing. At the same time, brand names are what often are remembered by consumers and confusion concerning branding could result in the wrong product being purchased.

Every business dispute is unique. The resolution of such disputes is often based upon individual and often complex circumstances concerning the dispute. Generally resolving such matters can involve an experienced business litigation attorney who understands the intellectual property concerns and needs for each business. The conclusion of such matters can often involve negotiation between the two parties. It in some cases will require one party to be compensated by the other party in the event the dispute cannot otherwise be settled.

Source: Denver Business Journal, "Strange Brewing takes on new name to end dispute," May 12, 2014

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