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Ridesharing companies soon to come to Colorado

Colorado Governor John Hicklenlooper signed legislation that will allow ridesharing startups to operate in our state. The legislation known as the Transportation Network Company Act sets out a number of rules for which these startups must operate. This new law will make Colorado the first state to address ridesharing in its legislation.

It is claimed that the new legislation is a balance for "openness to new business modalities with the need for limited safeguards." The governor asserts that the bill will only lightly regulate these companies. Background checks will be required for drivers. However, the drivers will only be held to the insurance standards that non-commercial operators must abide by.

The allowance of ridesharing startups may also change the manner in which limousine or taxi services perform business. The governor's office would like for Colorado's Public Utilities Commission to take another look at the "regulatory burden" it places upon these businesses as well. He was concerned that the amount of red tape these companies face may "stifle competition" by the creation of unnecessary barriers.

It's important that businesses have legislators on their side in the creation of a more economic friendly environment. Navigating through all of the state and federal regulations can sometimes be an exorbitant task and that's why it's often important to consult with experienced business law attorneys when starting up a new business venture. Besides assisting in the understanding of the laws and regulations, attorneys can also consult regarding business planning, the raising of capital, and the creation of employment contracts.

Even under the most ideal of circumstances starting a new business will always have its complications.

Source: Time, "Colorado Welcomes Ridesharing Startups UberX, Lyft with New Law," Giri Nathan, June 6, 2014

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