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Colorado's bustling economy calls to investors

It’s no wonder that investors from all over the country are looking for Colorado businesses to invest money in. According to a recent ranking by the national business and technology news website Business Insider, Colorado has the best economy in the nation.

The selection was made after Business Insider weighed eight factors for each state, including gross domestic product, the number of non-farm jobs, average wages, house prices and the 18-64 working population. Ultimately, the website concluded that "Colorado's economy is broadly growing at a healthy clip, and so it comes in as the overall winner."

The state was in the top ten for five of the factors considered, and in the top 15 for the other three factors. Additionally, Business Insider said it was impressed with the state’s 2.8 percent growth in payroll jobs from June 2013 to June 2014.

As this data shows, now is an exciting time to be a business owner in Colorado. For innovative businesses that are just getting off of the ground and successful businesses that are ready to expand, it might be possible to raise the necessary seed capital from angel investors who are noting Colorado's economic promise.

However, finding and working with angel investors isn’t easy, which is why it’s important to work with an experienced business lawyer who can handle all of the legal and business transactions. Our firm has helped many clients secure the venture capital they need to get their businesses off of the ground or expand to a greater scale.

For more information on how we assist Colorado business owners with venture capital needs, please visit our Denver Lawyer for Venture Capital Issues page.

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