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Our firm represents international business clients

Thanks to technological advancements, our world has become smaller. That means business owners in Colorado are more frequently dealing with customers, vendors and employees who are overseas.

However, even though the global markets are growing more accessible, engaging in international business can still be risky and cumbersome. That’s why it’s important to work with a business law firm that has experience handling various international business issues and working with an array of cultures.

It’s essential for business owners in Colorado who want to partake in international business to make sure that their businesses are properly registered, structured and incorporated to operate legally in foreign and/or domestic jurisdictions.

For example, foreign countries require businesses to be registered, just like the United States, and doing this improperly can lead to law violations. Additionally, is important to select the most tax-resistant business structure to avoid unnecessary tax expenses on profits.

Finally, companies that plan to hire employees in foreign counties need to carefully develop proper documentation, employee manuals, and management guidelines in order to avoid potentially costly litigation with the employees in the future.

As you can imagine, these steps are not easy to follow for someone who has no previous experience working with foreign laws or authorities. But the good news is we are here to help. Our firm can take over these pressing legal concerns while the business owners concentrate on making profits.

We have developed working relationships with lawyers, consulates and interpreters in many other countries and we can leverage these relationships to the benefit of our clients. To find out more about our international business practice, please visit our International Business Attorney in Denver page.

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