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Poll: Denver investors happy with portfolios, economy

In past posts, we have discussed how the Denver area has become a hotspot for venture capital. Now a newly-released survey by Morgan Stanley Wealth Management suggests that the future of venture capital could also be bright for the sunny city of Denver.

Morgan Stanley polled high net-worth investors in the Denver area and found that they are overall pleased with their individual portfolios as well as the local economy. Additionally, they have high hopes for where their portfolios and the economy are heading throughout the next 12 months.

More specifically, 92 percent of the investors polled said that they expect their investment portfolios to be the same or improve over the next year. Close to 75 percent of investors also said they believe the investment climate will stay strong or improve in the area over the next year.

As far as the overall economy goes, about 90 of the high net-worth investors said they believe the local economy will remain strong or improve over the next 12 months. Another 71 percent indicated that they think the same is true for the national economy.

What this data tells us is that venture capitalism is bustling in the Denver area, which is great news for people with fast-growing, short-term business ideas that could yield significant returns. The question is, how does a business get hooked up with high-risk angel investors?

That’s where our venture capital practice comes in.  Our firm has secured capital funding for various types of high-risk businesses in Denver and surrounding areas that would not otherwise qualify for conventional business financing.

We know how to successfully secure business transactions between businesses in need of venture capital and the high net-worth investors who are willing to put money behind ideas they think could earn them a significant profit.

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