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November 2014 Archives

How to bolster your business’ intangible value

A business valuation is an important step for any business owner who is thinking about selling, bringing on new partners, finding investors or applying for a loan. But the process measures more than just the business’ worth. It also considers intangible assets that add value to the business such as goodwill or brand recognition.

What's the difference between a patent, copyright and trademark?

Chances are that you have heard the terms "patent," "copyright" and "trademark" thrown around, but you might not understand what each one means and how they are different. Each one can offer protection to small businesses but they are used for different reasons.

Social media tips for small business owners

If you are a small business owner, chances are that you have heard about the ways in which social media can impact your business. However, for most business owners, social media is a bit of an enigma. They want to use social media to their benefit, but aren’t quite sure how.