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Social media tips for small business owners

If you are a small business owner, chances are that you have heard about the ways in which social media can impact your business. However, for most business owners, social media is a bit of an enigma. They want to use social media to their benefit, but aren’t quite sure how.

Making matters more complicated is that you have probably also heard that social media can also hinder a business’ reputation and success, which is why knowing what you are doing online is very important. To help you become a social media maven, keep these tips in mind from a recent article in the Denver Business Journal:

For Facebook:

  • Don’t update your status too many times within the same timeframe. Try to space out your posts throughout the day to reach the most people.
  • Don’t just ignore or, worse, delete negative comments. It’s important to respond to all comments.
  • Don’t just try to sell things to your audience. The first and primary goal is to provide entertaining content.
  • Do use Facebook to engage with your fans and followers. Post new content regularly and make your page a place where everyone is welcome.

For Twitter:

  • Don’t go #overboard with too many hashtags. One is good but 10 is too many.
  • Do respond to comments and questions as quickly as you can. Twitter is all about quick responses.
  • Do stay positive and not too personal. No one wants to follow businesses that are negative or know what you ate for lunch.
  • Do use your logo as your avatar. That way people will immediately begin recognizing your brand.

Hopefully these tips leave you feeling a little more confident when it comes to representing your business on social media. 

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