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How an attorney can make starting your business easier: Part II

In today's post, we are continuing a discussion we began last week. If you are starting or want to start your own small business, you may think you can't afford to work with a business law attorney. Or you may think you can take care of all the details on your own.

Before you decide you can't afford or don't need an attorney's help, consider how expensive mistakes can be. When starting a business, doing things right the first time is crucial and will save time, money and legal liability.

How often have you signed a contract without taking the time to read it? Many of us do this all the time, because many contracts are, by design, lengthy and incredibly dry. But depending on the contract you are signing, not understanding the terms can have serious consequences for your business. An experienced attorney can ensure that you understand the contracts that you sign and can help you draft contracts to present to vendors, investors, employees and more. Your attorney can also help you negotiate contract terms, when possible.

Even if you have start-up money, you may still need help from investors in the near future. A good attorney can guide you through the processes of raising capital and managing that capital responsibly.

Finally, you may need the help of an attorney in order to be in compliance with Colorado's business laws as well as to take advantage of the protections afforded by those laws. If you ever plan to branch into other states, you will almost certainly be facing different sets of business statutes and will need good legal counsel.

In these two posts, we have covered just a few of the many reasons why it’s a good idea to work with an experienced business law attorney. To learn more about some of the services offered by our firm, please visit the Denver Business Lawyers page on our website.

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