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October 2015 Archives

Seeking knowledgeable legal help when starting a business

Owning a business can be a worthwhile goal on its own or simply a means to an end. For some, running a business and finding ways to make it successful are enjoyable challenges, regardless of what kind of products or services are offered. These entrepreneurs may undertake many new ventures over the years.

Why venture capitalism should be more inclusive and diverse

In September, we wrote about the fact that the world of venture capital tends to have a diversity problem. The entrepreneurs most likely to receive funding are both white and male. The bias against women and minorities might not be intentional, but it is nonetheless a serious problem.

Rebuilding your small business after completing bankruptcy

If you own and operate a small business, the term "bankruptcy" can seem like a four-letter word. Despite the fact that many fledgling business ventures are unsuccessful, bankruptcy is an option that few are willing to consider. After all, doesn't filing for bankruptcy mean that your business has no chance of future success?