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January 2016 Archives

Even small businesses may benefit from employment applications

If you're like most entrepreneurs, you don't like the rigid structure and tedious paperwork that tends to define the work experience at larger companies. That may be one reason why you decided to start your own business. Being your own boss can feel very freeing.

More advice on embracing the challenges of business ownership

Our post last week focused on managing the high amounts of stress that can come with owning and operating a small business. The discussion was based on recent article in Forbes written by an entrepreneur named Chris Myers.

Managing stress as you run your own business

Is stress-reduction one of your New Year's resolutions? Too many of us carry stress around with us all the time, and the most frequent topic of worry is work. If you are an entrepreneur and have started your own business, this is certainly understandable. The success or failure of your company seems to be entirely on your shoulders, and that's a heavy burden to bear.

What to expect when selling a business

There are some people who own and operate the same business their entire lives, while others choose to start and then sell a variety of businesses throughout their careers. No matter which category you fall into, business sales can be hard to navigate, especially the first time around.

How small businesses can benefit from mediation over litigation

As a small business owner, chances are that you will be involved in a dispute of some sort at some point, whether it is with a vendor, a customer, an employee, a competitor or even a business partner. Disputes can be as minor as disagreeing with a business partner over where to place the water cooler, or as serious as a former employee accusing you of discrimination. In any case, mediation may be an excellent way to get the dispute resolved.

How to deal with business cash flow problems

Being a business owner isn’t easy. First you have to bring in customers, then you have to get them to purchase your product or service, and then you need to get them to pay. For some businesses, the final step proves to be extremely difficult, and this can cause major cash flow problems.

Protecting your company's intellectual property in the New Year

Now that 2016 has arrived, many Americans are busily working to fulfill their New Year's resolutions. January is certainly a peak time for new gym memberships and diet products, but self-improvement shouldn't be limited to just physical health. The New Year is also a great time to reexamine the health and security of your business.