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March 2016 Archives

Common business startup mistakes and how to avoid them

We have previously written that the majority of small businesses fail before they have a chance to become successful and sustainable. There are times when failure can't be predicted and is out of the business owner's control.

New report calls Colorado a small-business-friendly state

Anyone who wants to start a business has many factors to consider: how solid is the business plan? Is there a ready market for the product or service being offered? Can the entrepreneur secure venture capital?

One small organization fights back against trademark trolls

We have previously written about the importance of protecting intellectual property related to your business. The United States is a consumer culture, which means that brand names, logos and other identifying insignia are often crucial to a company's success. Protecting intellectual property can include many actions, including registering trademarks and patents and pursuing litigation if others unfairly usurp or copy these materials.