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Why business plans should not be overly complex

When Colorado entrepreneurs prepare to write their business plans, they sometimes do not really know where to start. Some then end up overanalyzing and write plans that are overly long and complicated.

A long, complicated business plan is not always a better one. Instead, when people get too bogged down in the details, they may lose sight of the big picture for their business. It is impossible to anticipate everything that might happen with a new venture, and it is futile to try to do so with a business plan.

Uncertainty for a business should be expected since no one can truly know the future. While this might be uncomfortable, understanding that uncertainty simply means that there will be room to grow in different directions is important. People should concentrate on laying out the overarching goals they have and the directions they would like to see their companies go. They should then plan the steps to meet those goals and directions. If they keep their business plans simple and clear, the plans will provide better blueprints for the ventures.

During the planning stage, entrepreneurs may want to address their legal concerns with growing a business with attorneys who have experience with helping clients write their business plans for companies in a variety of industry sectors. They may be able to provide guidance about the types of information and analysis that should be included. A good business plan is important. Most investors and commercial lenders will require one. A business plan can also can provide a road map for the start-up, helping it to have a greater chance of succeeding.

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