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June 2016 Archives

Colorado startups advised to strategize business plans

Entrepreneurs who start new businesses may be able to succeed even if they lack material resources or in-depth plans at the beginning. According to the founders of one of the largest wine brands in the United States, Barefoot Wine, there are a number of critical strategies that could contribute to long-term profitability. The winemakers, who admit to not having much direction when they started, told an interviewer that paying attention to details and acquiring business knowledge were both important parts of their own success story.

Modern business planning is data dependent

Colorado entrepreneurs who plan on starting new ventures have to take comprehensive business intelligence, or BI, into account. BI relies on in-depth analysis to elicit usable patterns and models from existing business data. While it has the potential for misuse like any other form of analytics, it can help companies implement improved planning strategies when applied properly.

Google prevails in $9 billion copyright lawsuit

Colorado residents likely know that lawsuits over intellectual property are not uncommon in the technology sector, and attorneys representing Google were in court on May 26 to answer allegations that the search engine giant used programming language owned by Oracle without permission when developing it Android operating system. Android has become the world's most popular smartphone and tablet software, and Oracle was seeking $9 billion in damages.

Key documents in the acquisition of a business

If you have started a small business and another large business eyes it for purchase, you have probably dreamed of this day. After all, when small businesses are bought, the increase in value is commonly large enough to make a business owner a great deal of money. But like any other successful business move, purchasers must do their due diligence. Essentially, an acquirer of your business will want to review a number of documents concerning your business before going through with a deal.

Things a business owner should review

Small business owners in Colorado should review all of their company's expenses and their business plans at least annually. This can help businesses to better organize while also helping owners to identify areas that need tightening and improvement.