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Things a business owner should review

Small business owners in Colorado should review all of their company's expenses and their business plans at least annually. This can help businesses to better organize while also helping owners to identify areas that need tightening and improvement.

Most business owners pay quarterly taxes. It is smart for them to make certain to establish separate accounts into which they deposit the amounts anticipated for their estimated taxes. Business owners should refrain from dipping into this account for any reason. This will make dealing with tax time much easier. They should also make certain they have designated business accounts separate from their personal accounts, which will make identifying business expenses significantly easier as well.

Planning ahead for lean times is also important. For this, business owners should track the cash flow of their business weekly. They should look at whether the money they have coming in is held up in accounts receivable, and if so, for how long. After identifying gaps, they can then work to close them so the cash flow is more consistent. Reviewing the business plan at least annually is very important. Business owners should look at the goals they established for their companies during the prior year and plan for the upcoming one. They should modify and adjust their business plans to account for their goals going forward.

Business owners may also want to consult with their attorney about their legal concerns with growing a business. One area that is often neglected when a company is entirely focused on growth is regulatory compliance, and an attorney can often be helpful in creating a structure that will remind clients of their obligations.

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