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Things to consider when applying for patents

Creativity and invention have been central to the tremendous success of the United States and world economies. One of the most important aspects that have impacted this is the ability for inventors and leaders of startup companies to patent their inventions. The ability to apply for patents allows a company or an individual in Colorado to reap the benefits of the labor and risk that go into development and to, potentially, help spur future inventions and new products.

There are many aspects to the business side of invention, and there can be many pitfalls that can keep a new venture from succeeding. A recent article describes some of the issues that can affect an inventor or startup company with regard to patent applications. As an example, several years ago, U.S. law changed significantly, and our country is now considered a first to file country. While there may be some valid reasons for not filing a patent immediately, the rule most often encouraged by patent attorneys is to file early and often in order to protect your rights.

That being said, there are some stop-gap measures that can be used, such as filing a provisional patent application. This is a lower cost option, lasting for 12 months from the filing date, which can be used while additional capital is raised for a formal patent claim. In addition, the article recommends that inventors have as many patent drawings as possible included in the application, and the article leans toward being specific rather than overly broad. These two suggestions can help the speed in which an application is approved.

Applying for patents can be a complex and time-consuming process. Most who attempt this endeavor in Colorado seek the advice of an experienced business and patent law attorney. Attorneys in this area of law can best advise an inventor in the application process and ensure that his or her intellectual property rights are protected.

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