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August 2016 Archives

The importance of succession planning for professional firms

It is fairly common for successful law or accountancy firms to be built around the personalities of their founders. Often, the founders will have been driven by their visions as they built the businesses into successful practices that bring clients and attract talent.

Key aspects of litigation readiness plans

Most business owners are enjoying a prosperous 2016. But like any successful enterprise, a company cannot simply rest on its laurels. It has to keep innovating and competing in the marketplace. However, the successes of a business can be destroyed through a lawsuit. After all, defending a lawsuit can be just as expensive as being liable for the judgment attached to it. Further,  the time spent in defending lawsuits can make it difficult for a business to maintain its trajectory of profitability.

Online marketing strategies for entrepreneurs

Even the most old school Colorado business owners now grudgingly admit that the Internet is here to stay. Online marketing allows entrepreneurs to connect with their target audiences directly and inexpensively, but it can be difficult to craft a message that stands out in a sea of competing voices. Most marketers understand that success comes from giving customers what they want, and simply following this basic rule can go a long way toward achieving a dominating online presence.

Emergency business planning in Colorado

As a general rule, a business plan should assume that a business endeavor takes twice as long as anticipated and accomplishes half of what it was intended to. A slow start can happen if an employee stole money, if marketing dollars did not reach the right consumers or if a shipping option turned off customers. Whatever the setback may be, business owners are better off planning for them as well as planning for success.

Strategic planning for businesses

For many small business owners in Colorado, writing strategic plans is very difficult. Part of the issue lies with being able to effectively articulate the direction the company will be heading as well as the strategy that will be employed for getting there. There are a few easy steps owners can take to write better strategic plans that can help the business reach its goals.

Things to consider when filing a breach of contract lawsuit

When entities sign a business contract, it is generally with the expectation that both parties will abide by the agreement. However, during the course of doing business, there are many issues that could complicate the arrangement and result in contract disputes. When faced with these difficulties, many in Colorado may consider filing a breach of contract lawsuit.

How to limit risk and liability when forming a business

Starting a new business can be one of the most exciting times of an entrepreneur's life. However, along with the excitement comes uncertainty as a businessperson contemplates the financial risk that he or she faces if a business does not succeed. Those in Denver who are establishing a new organization may want to understand how to protect themselves as much as possible from unnecessary liability.